Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Do you know what is the hardest thing in our life?
Is you seeing the one who you love the most,
Love someone else.
And when you tell her that you had loved her so a long time,
She replied,
You are the one that in my past.
Not my future.

I am ready.
You are not scary at all!
GO DIE bitch!!!
Spent whole day time in computer.
GG edi.
What should i do?
But at least I did do question for math tutorial.

Unfortunately can't watch man of steel with you.
So sad.
Still tot that this saturday date you go watch geh.
Hmmm, nvm la.
As long as you r happy with it.
I have no problem geh :)
Since you wanted to join your friends.
How was your day?
Sure very tired lo.
You this pig.
Call you sleep don't want.
Don't know what you want.
SO sorry.
Today injured my leg.
Hard to move.
Don't angry please :X
Weird. why today didn't rain?
If rain, you can't go and buy your dinner.
You this pig, if can't have your dinner,
Sure cry till die edi one. haha.
Alright. Gona sleep soon,
GOODNIGHT AND sweet dream :)


I’m sorry.
Future are for those people who willing to move on.
Those who step on the same place and not willing to move forward,
Doesn’t deserve to have a better future.

Well wonderful day with wonderful weather.
Spam most of the time in games.
And chat with you.
So suffer.
What also want to carry it by your-own.
Never think about me.
How should I help you if you not willing to share?
Hard to know what are you thinking.
Do you know that?
Even you did,
Also after you have solved the problem
What am I to you?
Even I already stand in front at your door.
Calling you open it for me.
But you always wait until I leave edi,
Only open the door.
Really wish to know your everything.
Including your problem.
Saw you at small pasar malam, and also when I’m heading to each a cup.
Suddenly find out that, no matter in which viewer.
Even just “
Also can recognize you.
Always wish to chat with you longer.
But time is not allowed.
You always feel sleepy.
If not you then me.
What to do?
Always say something which will hurt me.
I’m not metal la pig.
I can’t stand it longer. @@
But I will try to do my best.

To someone,
I’m sorry. I can’t do anything.
Just hope that you r fine.
I don’t know whether is it my word hurt you.
Since you are not replying my message.
Is okay,
I won’t say anything.
As long as you are okay.
Take care.
Something passed mean pass.
Don’t regret for what you had done.
No one will provide you infinity of chances to change.
Except GOD.
HE do, but not me.
Move forward.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Life is just like a roller coaster
It had ups and down,
But is your choice to choose to scream or to enjoy it.
Just like your daily problem.
Don't see it until so serious.
You don't know what will happen in your next second.
Gain or lose.
Is your choice.
What doesn't kill you, will make u become stronger and stronger.
Solve it.
And in the end, nothing can defeat you.

Wake up in the morning.
A pig like you will wake up at this time.
But why am I awake?
It's just 4 something in the morning.
Receive message from wechat.
After receive ur voice message.
Can't sleep edi.
Too happy?
Or awoke by my iPhone ringtone?
Who knows?
But seriously, I'm happy to receive ur message. PIG.
8o'clock class.
Kill my cells.
My brain can't function well.
Leg pain.
Can't move well.
What the hell.
Wake up early in the morning just for one classes.
8 to 10.
Can gain more knowledge.
So i will continue to attend the class.

Slept for whole days.
Pigs are no longer lazy then me.
Imma expert in sleeping.
Slept for whole day.
Night still boleh continue sleep.
What am I?
Abnormal creation?
Try not to text you.
Cause I'm scared.
Scared of disturbing you.
So waiting for you message.
6 o'clock afternoon.
Message detected.
So happy.
Is you.
But unfortunately,
I went out to play basketball.
You went out to pasar malam.
After that I went out to eat.
You went out to yamcha.
And at the end, we end up with a GOODNIGHT.
I can't control my mood.
Waiting for your message.
Is like a person who is really hungry.
Depress of waiting for their foods.
Scare you will tired.
So I let you choose.
Whether you want to sleep or chat with me.
You choose to sleep.
But as long as you r happy with it.
Is perfectly fine for me.
Sorry cause I had spoke something that hurt you.
No next time.
I think is my phone problem
Sometimes can't receive your message.
Want you wait me.
I'm sorry.
GOODNIGHT and Sweet dream.
"AF" :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Can be good or bad.
It's all depends on what u want to use.
A word from you will decide ur future,
A word from you might decide others future,
A word from you might judge urself,
A word from you might set yourself in what value u r.
Please do remember.
Words are powerful.
But, they came from your mouth, after your brain start to functioning.
So, U r the most powerful creation in earth.
THINK before you SPEAK.

After some few days,
Life remain,
Still the person,
Who is facing this screen and typing.
Computer is a part of my life.
Shouldn't say computer.
Should i use apps?
Without facebook, computer is not fun at all.
Without Games, computer is just a nothing for me?
Don't know.
what I know is,
THIS word,
technology are needed.
Computer do play a main role in our life.
Solve our problems.
But do they really solved our problems?
Or it just helping us to create more and more problems?
Who knows?
GOD do.

Welcome to my life.
Cause until now, you still willing to roll you mouse or pressing the down arrow key to scroll down this.
Tutorial started.
First week already decided assignment group.
As long as there are girls inside the group,
Motivation will be displayed.
Is it efficient?
LOL. maybe i'm "soldering"
Need something to push on.
Feel sleepy,
Is hard to concentrate in a class who you has studied the subject before and also will friends.
But without them,
Life goes no where.
Can't find anything to hold on.
Not a reason.
So important.
Sorry for just now match,
Will try to control myself,
I'm sorry.

Missing someone,
Not an option,
I don't know.
Just mood doesn't go well.
feel sleepy plus tired.
With my injured leg.
Hard to walk after the match.
But my leg will suddenly recover if heard there are match available.
Well i'll stop here,
Hope there are angles beside me and prepared for my WEDNESDAY.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Bad or good?
Why asked so? 
Actually everything are good, just u r not satisfied with it so u think that's bad to u.
Actually it's good, just because you think that it is not good den others.
So it's bad.
Why don't try and think positively?
If u feel that u r unlucky.
Try to think about those child.
and others people. 
There are million of bad things happened in this world every hours every minutes and every second.
Some might worst den yours.
Do you figure out the way how to solve your problems?
If yes, or no.
For those who answered no, since u can't figure out how solve your problems.
Why worry?

Is actually morning now. 12.18
Good morning people.
Someone called me to update my blog.
So i'm here now.
Life goes on.
People changed.
Friends remain.
Add on some special friends.
Male, female.
Not bad.
Many things happened.
During this 5 month.
First and foremost,
My school's life.
Not bad.
Is awesome.
With awesome friends.
Not alone.
Thx GOD. no matter until where, I still can find some real friends which will help me.
Life is complicated.
But much appreciated.
Cause I'm not alone.
For those who went to KL to continue their studies.
Will miss u all :)

Become more lovely and friendly.
Started not to quarrel.
Even sometimes will do so.
But still the same.
Cause finally, i can live in a peaceful house.
Life without u is quite bored.
I miss u so much.
Where are u now?
Are u good in upstairs?
Anyone bully u?
I did pray for u sometimes.
Don't angry me.
But i seriously miss those day with u.
SO happy.
U r so cute.
U always cheer my day.
I will love u.
If u want to become a dog again.
Please find a better master.
I'm not a good master.
Cause I am not good enough
Can't protect u well.
So i lost u.
I'm sorry.

I'm back.
There are many things that could be brought,
which can only be found in church.
I'm so happy that i'm back to here.
My second home.

AND the last.
Don't know whether are u watching this.
I just wanted to tell u that.
I used 4 month to forget u.
During this fews month.
Many people find me.
Chat with me,
Tell me alot.
And i learned alot.
Something that u can't get it. doesn't mean u r not good enough to get it.
Just because u deserve a better one.
A bull shit sentences.
But that's the only sentences which can "AN WEI" myself.
I just wanted to say.
That's all.
Maybe is fair enough for us.
Time will solve everything.
I did believe this.
Cause i really experienced it.
Thanks for those who tried to comfort me.
I love u my family.
Sorry because I did something and speak something bad when i'm in bad mood.
Will try to change.
Life goes on.
People changing.
But hope is good not bad.

Monday, 31 December 2012


New year,
New life,
New me.
I won't repeat my mistake again.
I won't let old noel come back again.
2013, I will be a better guy :)

Many things happened.
Include my birthday, final exam and also today!
So sad that 24 of december.
I'm sick.
But luckily, i still got u all :)
Thanks for giving me so many surprise.
Love u all <3 p="p">I will keep it inside my heart.
Really appreciate it :)
We did do our best.
I did.
I did do all my best.
If still can't.
Wish mean i need to change course ler.
and that time I would like to say.
BYE BYE, my dream.. :)
Whole weak.
Keep on repeat and repeat.
study and study.
sleep for 4 or 5 hours only
So pressure.
+ suffer.
How i wish i'm like those genius.
I did went to pub before 19 and the last day of my 18 x)
First time,
Really first time.
Those sounds, peoples, drinks, songs,
really make us mad.
Now i und why my friends always go to pub.
I see I see.
Many things changes.
My friends.
So I would like to changes as well xD
What can i do?
A new year leh.
Should i set a target for myself?
Let me think.
Wao. 2012.
Everything start here.
Our memory,
How we build up our relationship,
end it.
SPM ended,
decided my future.
My friends,
Went to UTAR.
Knew new friends,
even change my life style,
Many people said that i look alike someone.
Get more and more knowledge.
Study hard.
Play hard X)
Everythings. also came from 2012.
I learnt it in this year.
What a meaningful year :)
What should i do leh?
Even U treat me very very very very very cold till I also going to get freeze.
I'm always using a bunsen burner and heat myself to get warmer leh.
Please don't keep on reduce the temperature le la.
I'm trying hard to heat it ler.. T^T
14 days.
Before my school start.
I would like to change myself.
Do something which could benefit myself.
Learn something new.
Maybe guitar songs or piano? xD
Keep fit xD
I will do it. as my next 13 days holiday. haha
2013 ler. At here,
I wish u all can have a happy 2013 lar.
Every thing will be alright :)
for me.
I wish I can don't think about it edi.
Don't because of it suffer.
And also get u x)
GOOD nite and sweet dream.
"what a happy nite xP"

Friday, 21 December 2012



Morning. :)
Alone in kampar.
Don't wish to go home.
Cause no mood.
The end of the world?
But i'm living peacefully in my hostel.
but sadly, i can't pass it with my family :(
although i ate tan yuan.
My mum, sis went to play just me alone need to study..
Yeah, i admit,
I find others girl to chat is because i want to forget u.
If not i can't do it.
Thank for accompany me.
I really don't know what u want.
U want me to care about u?
But why when i want to care about u,
U just push me away?
When i choose to left u alone,
but u start to emo?
Can u just tell me what u want?
I am tired of guessing u.
Cause u never give me ur answer.
Doesn't u said that want to be friend?
But why u let me feel that u still like me?
But why u let me feel that u still love me?
I don't want to think too much.
But u make me so.
I already tried.
Maybe just like zi wei said.
It's not easy to get into someone's mind.
It even hardest to get into someone's heart.
Just give me a break can?
Summer has come a pass.
Can u just wake me up when december end?
Here come the rain,
Falling from the sky,
I keep on blame it.
Why don't it appear sunshine?
where is the sun?
As my memory rest,
But u come again and agian..
What to do..?
Just now too....angry, please forgive me.
Erm. Thx han.
cause accompany me whole day.
I think if without u, i probably can't study ba?
Although sometime u want to study,
maybe u'll feel annoying?
But i just wish i could chat with u. even it's expensive.
Only chatting with u can let me forget something.
Thanks.. :)